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Top 10 African Cities to Find Your Dream Man

There is nothing good to a lady as a man with impressive looks as well as meeting other necessary qualities. While it is difficult to put all things in one, some African cities have men with compelling qualities every woman would swoon over.

Here is a list of top 10 African cities where you will get your dream man.

  1. Kisumu, Kenya


The modern Kenyan Luo man is truly an amazing man. Being the lakeside city, you may think that men are fishermen. Granted, a few engage in fishing to earn a living.

But what makes Kisumu men adorable is their love and care for a lady. With them, the woman is number one. They do whatever they can to ensure their women are fed, given expensive gifts and presents, taken to all parts of Kenya and many other tourist attractions outside the country and most importantly, drive either a limousine or the latest SUV.

Isn’t that what a woman wants?

  1. Accra, Ghana

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Ghana, one of the few African countries which was once used as an exit point for those taken into slavery by former colonial powers, is home to caring men.

It is said that a contemporary Ghanaian man, would do anything to make sure her woman comes first. In fact, they value women than anything.

While most men with money flirt with several women, men in Accra would rather stick to one lady for his entire life eating the little he has with his lady. Do not forget that they are also esteemed for bedroom skills. The latter is fundamental in any love relationship.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Are you a lady looking to hook up with a handsome guy who will then sire a lovely good-looking baby that you would love walking around with? The place to find such a guy is Cape Town.

Although almost all the cities in SA have the same type, look and size of men, Cape Town’s are a notch higher.

They are truly good-looking! Some ladies confess that while driving in the streets of Cape Town, they nearly hit other motorists because they lustfully stare at these guys.

Besides, if you love typical African accent, you’ll hear it from your Cape Town dude.

  1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The only time you hear of Ethiopia, is if their men and women are in Rio, Tokyo, Boston or Belfast Olympics. They are truly champions even in relationship matters.

Ethiopian men are super-calm, just like their expressions indicate. They are polite. If you grew up in a family, where your dad used to quarrel with your mother, brothers or even you do not expect to hear that from an Ethiopian man.

Their families are a haven, so will your family be.

Well, one thing that you might not clearly tell is whether they are hurt or not because they are usually calm. But, I am sure that you will love who they are.

  1. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Talking of the African handsome man without the mention of Tanzanian men who every woman would want to meet is a lie. Their soft-spoken Swahili language is likely to lure you into liking everything in Dar, Arusha and even Mwanza.

Perhaps, you might like all the respect and tradition associated with the marriage in Tanzania, which is equally inculcated in these guys.

Therefore, if you are longing to have a truly lasting relationship, blessed by parents, head to Dar.

Additionally, I bet you will love the cooking.

  1. Luanda, Angola

Are you surprised that Luanda is mentioned here? Men from this southern Africa country are truly handsome. Adored in their natural color and princely behaviors, the modern Angolan man especially those who have dwelt in the city know how to treat a lady.

These guys do not need to be overly praised for their masculine prowess. They are naturally good looking and are said to make a lady ‘satisfied’ thanks to the way they have been blessed.

  1. Lagos, Nigeria

It will be an abomination to talk about dream man without the mention of the Nigerian man. Being position 5 in this list, does not mean that it is average. On the contrary. The list comprises many things. However, for a lady with the intent of having beautiful, energetic young ones and for a truly lasting relationship, beyond what we see in Naija movies, you should seriously invest in a man from Lagos.

They not only know how to take care of a lady but also will give her prince and princess. They also love you to cook their traditional cuisines, which are delicious.

  1. Kigali, Rwanda

Men from this Eastern African country have learned that a family is the most important thing, perhaps a lesson they had to learn a hard way from the 1994 genocide.

That aside, Rwandan men have nice hair, highly seductive lips, good eyes and above all the right size. All these adding the fact that the country’s economy is growing fast, are enough reasons for any serious lady to tour this East African country.

I can’t forget to mention that Rwandan men have a nice accent, a mixture of French and Swahili that you will definitely love.

  1. Praia, Cape Verde

Fashionably Male

Although this African Island country is not common to many people because media doesn’t cover it a lot, it is home to handsome men who are not only willing to settle down with serious women but also able to change a woman’s attitude for the better.

Men in the city are sophisticated, and know what they want in a woman. Knowing that their country was as a result of volcanic eruptions, they are cautious about the safety of their women thus provide all the necessary security.

  1. Mogadishu, Somalia

Getty Images

Are you surprised that Somalia made it to number one spot of our top 10 best African cities where you can get your dream man? Well, I am not surprised as you.

One fundamental thing you will like about men in Mogadishu, Somalia, is that no matter their financial status, they will never let go what they truly love. Yes, that is what a woman wants. Love is all about loyalty; whether you live in a cave or in the streets, as long as you stick together, that is what true love is.

Men in Mogadishu will always stand out to make the most handsome, hardworking, and loyal husbands no matter the political and social surroundings. In fact, they even stick together for years in refugee camps.

Go, therefore and seize the man of your heart.

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