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PigiaMe launches customized chat apps services on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Nairobi,  –PigiaMe, Kenya’s leading quality classified website, reveals cutting-edge one-on-one customer relationships efforts. Since its creation, PigiaMe continuously sought to improve its user’s experience through innovative marketing and customer service. Now, it has taken it a step further by providing real time assistance directly on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


PigiaMe was one of the first Kenyan companies to embrace WhatsApp as a communication channel in early 2015. Building on this success, it is now the first classified to provide a notification system not only on WhatsApp but also on Facebook Messenger.


Reach out, get informed, directly on users’ apps

On PigiaMe, any user can share listed items with their contacts via the WhatsApp button available on the mobile website. Now, any buyer or seller can request assistance through the WhatsApp number 0700 379 751 or by messaging the PigiaMe Facebook page (


This week, PigiaMe has launched its #PigiaMeOnWhatsApp campaign on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page in order to promote its services on chat apps.


Alert systems reinvented

Internal research suggested that users are interested in alerts corresponding to their lifestyle rather than to a product category. Based on this, PigiaMe designed 3 lifestyle notifications:

–       “Mums of Kenya”

–       “Ladies Lifestyle”

–       “For Men Only”


Subscribers of these groups will receive three alerts corresponding to their lifestyle per week, directly on their phone in their preferred chat app: for instance, clothes and toys for kids in “Mums of Kenya”, women fashion and beauty products in “Ladies Lifestyle” and menswear, gadgets & video games in “For Men Only”.


To subscribe, send “START” and the name of the group you are interested in in a Facebook or WhatsApp message.


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