Johannesburg – The National Union of Metalworkers
of SA is busy with preparations to launch a political
party, it said on Sunday.
The party, to be called the United Front and
Movement for Socialism, would be aimed at uniting
the working class and mobilising around issues
affecting workers.
“We need a movement for socialism,” general
secretary Irvin Jim told reporters in Johannesburg.
He said work was well underway to mobilise the
working class in all its formations, for the radical
implementation of the Freedom Charter, the ANC’s
document of goals and aspirations for the country,
and against neoliberalism.
Jim said the leadership of the national liberation
movement as a whole had failed to lead a
consistent radical democratic process to resolve
national, gender, and class questions post-1994 –
the year of South Africa’s first democratically
elected government.
He said the leadership was predominantly drawn
from the black and African capitalist class which
‘kowtows’ to the dictates of white monopoly
capitalist and imperialist interests.
“It is half-hearted and extremely inconsistent in the
pursuit of a radical democratic programme and has
completely abandoned the Freedom Charter,” he
Jim said it was those circumstances, combined with
the worsening situation of the South African
working class as a whole post-1994, which has
made Numsa rethink and revisit its relationship
with the ANC and its alliance.
“We need to organise ourselves as a class which is
why we need a movement that will contest the
elections at the appropriate time.”
In order to reach out far and wide, Numsa would
convene provincial and national consultative
meetings to share the content of its resolutions on
the United Front and Movement for Socialism.
He said during Numsa’s January Marxist-Leninist
Political School, meetings were held with the
leaders of some of the social movements and
community structures, to begin the process of
mapping out how they could work together.
With more than 340 000 members, Numsa is the
biggest trade union in the country.

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