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KUGALI-An African Comics Anthology

In Africa there have been stories passed down for generations. These magical tales filled our hearts and opened our minds to endless possibilities. These fantastic stories still exist within the oral tradition. However, in order to share our stories with the world we need to think of new ways to showcase our culture.

The Kugali Anthology is a collection of some of the best African comics. The anthology features over a dozen incredibly talented creators from 10 different African countries. The anthology is split into two wings. The Regular edition designed for all ages and the Raki edition created for mature readers that like their stories a little more dark and gory.


On March 28th we launched our Kickstarter campaign for the
anthology and achieved great success. We were able to attract more readers and people that now are familiar with this amazing project. In 10 days we were able to achieve our goal of £10,000 and by the end we got £25,451.

Launched in 2017 The Kugali Magazine was the predecessor to the Kugali Anthology. This was the first Pan-African comic anthology featuring serialized chapters from three African comic
book series, and articles on African Art or culture. The main difference between the magazine and the anthology is that the former was monthly while the latter will be quarterly. The magazine is also 60 pages in length while the anthology is over 200 pages. Although we’ve halted the production of the Kugali magazine copies of previous editions are still available at


We are currently running a beta with the goal of assembling a discovery platform for African narratives across comics, video games, film and television. Users can gain early access on and keep tabs on the Kugali blog.

We launched our YouTube channel where we cover gaming, film and TV with gameplay clips, trailers and spotlight videos from the various content creators kugali covers

Kugali showcases the best African stories by Africans using comics, art and animation. These are stories that respect the history of Africa, embrace the present and imagine a future.

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