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Recently, the Nigerian chapter of China Europe International Business School, CEIBS Alumni held their annual general meeting and induction ceremony at the City Mall in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Today marks the first of many great steps that the Alumni will embark on towards greatness. Together, we are entering another phase and taking the necessary steps towards building a CEIBS Alumni Nigeria chapter that is both progressive with fresh ideas and initiatives as well as responsive to the changing global climate,” said the President of the CEIBS Nigeria Alumni chapter, Sunday Adebayo Agboola in his remarks.

In the past decade, China has experienced tremendous growth with a rapid rise of the middle class and developments in technology and infrastructure. Currently, many emerging economies are looking at growing like China. These economies also see part of Europe as models for developing their economies. The school, which has an in-depth knowledge of China and Europe and extensive global reach, has positioned itself to equip the business and political leaders that will help create this the growth in the economies.

Highlights of the event

The annual general meeting and induction ceremony of the School’s Nigeria chapter was led by the President, Adebayo Sunday Agboola, Vice president, Hector Okposo, FCA, and Tega Tonukari, General Secretary.

Professor Mathew Tsamenyi, the Executive Director, CEIBS Africa spoke about some of the new partnerships that the school had entered into for the growth and development of businesses and economies in Africa. He also spoke about some of the strategic changes in its Global Executive MBA and Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership for Africa Programme (WELA).

According to the president of the Alumni, the role of the Alumni would be to extend the CEIBS opportunity to more Africans as well as to create a blueprint for rising Asia- Africa relations.

What you need to know about CEIBS

  • The CEIBS Africa project was launched in 2008
  • The mission of CEIBS is to prepare highly competent innovation oriented managers and executives who are capable of leading and growing their organizations in the increasingly dynamic African economic environment.
  • Members of the school are leaders who are capable of negotiating the forces of globalization and international competition for the benefit of their organizations.
  • CEIBS is the number one MBA in Asia and 11th in the world
  • With its programmes it has created a model for professional development and innovation across industries in emerging economies.

The event in pictures


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