TwoFeet Africa or 2FA expresses the vision to get Africa on its feet. Africa has for so long been a crawling continent, living on the patronage of the developed world and seemingly unaware of its immense potentials for greatness and self-sufficiency. The moment has come when the continent must rise to its feet, Stand, Walk and Fly.




To be a world-class medium of mass information and education on behalf of the continent of Africa and its peoples, telling their stories of resilience, innovation and potentials for greatness and celebrating their histories, cultures and heritage; bringing knowledge of same to the continent and the world.





To inspire Africa’s young people to greatness with the knowledge of their potentials and stories of their contemporaries who are making giant strides in various endeavors of life in defiance of the social, economic and political impediments in their societies and building brands that add value to the lives of their communities.


Core Values






Service to Humanity.


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